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Osram 26W 2Pin Dulux D, Daylight - (Pack of 5)

Osram 26W 2Pin Dulux D, Daylight - (Pack of 5)

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The Osram Dulux D can be used in combination with a conventional ballast. The lamp has a short and compact lamp base type. This means that each of these compact fluorescent lamps has a base with 2 pins. The lamps Osram has a length of 138 mm. Osram has an energy rating label of B and an average lifespan of 10,000 hours. If the lamp starts flashing and has a delayed start-up time then it needs replacing.The Osram can be used in many different places. The produces a light that is pleasant on the eyes. It is not too warm or intense and so it more suited for office environments.

  • With integral starter for Conventional Control Gear Ideal for miniature luminaires and downlights for shallow recesses 2 Pin bulb
  • Average Life: 10,000 hours
  • Energy Consumption: 26 Watts
  • Light Color: Daylight
  • Details: 2 Pin plug. Short and compact pin-base lamps with single-turn tubes. Suitable for operation on conventional control gear.
Brand Osram
Light type Fluorescent, CFL
Special features Energy Efficient
Wattage 26 watts
Light colour White
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